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Log house

Log house construction rises its popularity greatly worldwide, because it is energy efficient and consume less energy during its life cycle. Log house construction will produce less carbon dioxide emissions than other type of constructions.
In 50 years, greenhouse gas emissions are a third less when compared log house to wooden house. A modern construction technique enable sustainable building construction, which enable nursery, rest home and spa constructions.
People who live in log houses, respect healthiness, silence, peace, clear structures and of course, good indoor air advocate also log use in buildings.

Log house
Log house will last from generations and gets better when grow old. Laminated, massive log wall structure doesn’t have places for moisture, so log will stay free of cracks, wont warp and stay dimensionally stable. Because of that, log is ideal material for different solutions.
Hengittävä ja terveellinen
Real log wall will keep home fresh and warm. Unlike many other materials, log breathes. Indoor air of log houses are known from good for asthmatics and allergist. Because of right moisture of air, loghouse will prevent of static electric and dust from grow. So log house are warm and economic.
Warm and tight log house will live with nature. At the winter laminated logs reserve heat to itself and retain it for long time. Solid log has naturally ability to reserve heat and alienate it to indoor air when needed. Log structure will store heat energy from the sun, and alienate it slowly at night, because of that we will get huge energy savings. Log are also good when talking about sound isolation.
Essential part of log house comfort are consistency of houses walls and structures. With knowledgeable design, top-class windows and door and high quality log technique we will get consistency and warm, energy saving log house which have awesome indoor air.

Naturally cozy
Wood is warm nature material, which creates beautiful surface and atmospheric rooms. However, log wont prevent your own style, ideas and imagination in the décor. Log as a material can compound in style to other materials.
Healthy residence are more and more important in centricity of people. That because people are more aware of problems about living, log constructions will provide good solution for that.
Log is used by centuries and found for excellent solution for construction, it is useful and resistant material which ingenuity is in itself simple structure.
Laminated log is sure, risk-free solution, which we have in Finland over 30-year experience.

Great indoor air 
Laminated log structures likewise energy efficient constructionmaterials and heat gathering ventilation we will gain optimal indoor air quality. Of course we will need also skilled high-quality construction.
Man will breathe approx.. 10 000 breath in a day. Is not indifferent which quality that air is. Too dry air will increase respiratory infections and allerigic sniffles. Correspondingly too moist air raise dust, bacteria and molds to grow.
Laminated log is excellent choice to healthy and safe living. In researches are said that the more building have log, the more air moisture stays in optimal zone for health. Relative humidity should stay in between 30-55%.

Fire properties in log house
Fire at the dwelling house is always dangerous. Mostly fire starts from cigarette, some from candle, stove and also from other electronics. Fire is dangerous in dwelling house is mainly because house contains many combustible materials, all textiles, drapes, clothes, furniture and fabrics. Not so much of construction materials. Usually these textiles ignite fast and develop very much poisonous gases. Structurally massive wall, log or brick is very hard to get ignite. Because of that, many times in burned house, there are still walls standing.
Massive laminated log is very fire safe material. As a material it will withstand fire even better that concrete or steelpillars. Wood contains about 15% water which have to evaporate before wood can ignite to fire. Also wood charring will protect core of wood. In fire situation woodenhouse will char, but wont fall like in lightweight and steel constructions.

Public buildings
Newest thing in log constructions are nurseries, schools and different types of hospitals and rest homes.
Great indoor air quality and ecology of wood advocate to build these buildings from log. Children will spend approx.. 8 hours in a day in daycare. It is not indifferent which kind indoor air there are in nurseries.
There aren’t many researches about positive health effects from laminated log. Implemented researches however show that wooden structures like log, will improve welfare of man. Research which was made in Austria show that students, whose studied at classrooms which has wooden walls were healthier than students that studied in normal classrooms. In that same research were noted that students in log wall classrooms were more peaceful. Researchers measure pulse of students which were 6 beat per minute less that other students.
In Finland we believe that usage of laminated log will increase in public buildings when worry about welfare increases.
Laminated logs features that promote the well-being are in significant place: indoor air optimal balance prevents allergies and respiratory infections. This is important, when users are childs.
Log walls are naturally breathable, they let water vapor thru and indoor air will stay smooth and that’s why there are easy to breathe in wooden house.